5 Reasons to Avoid Online Job Boards

Should you use online job boards to look for a job? Most people think of monster.com, indeed.com, and simplyhired.com when thinking of job postings. Online job boards are actually one of the poorest ways to find a job. Of course, even my office sources most of its candidates from online resume submissions. No one will deny that these are very useful tools. But most successful candidates, especially candidates applying to the most competitive positions, do not release their resumes to a job board “hoping something will happen.”

Here are some of the main reasons to avoid online job boards:

How to Build Your Online Resume

Paper resumes are slowly a thing of the past. Think old rickety trains from the late 1800s. Even the most basic modern resumes include email addresses and personal websites. Building an online resume is a spectacular way to differentiate yourself from other candidates.

An online resume can take you from being an okay candidate to an amazing, tech-savvy candidate, with sparkling teeth like good looking people in toothpaste commercials.

Step 1 – Set up the basics. Get a LinkedIn, set up a professional Twitter, and consider making a separate professional Facebook to build an “online business presence.”

Frustrated You Can’t Find a Job? Some Tips To Getting a Job

For some people, getting a job is as simple as breathing. They’re the ones who just submit only 1 job application and within a day or so, get accepted and start working almost immediately. Meanwhile, you’re struggling to find a job (any job in fact) and it just gets more and more frustrating that none of the employers or hiring managers even bother to reply to your application. Trust me, I’ve been in this situation and the time just seems to drag on forever. To top it up, you’ve probably got bills and rent to pay so it really is a desperate situation.

Is the Paper Resume Dead?

Vivian Giang recently wrote an article for Yahoo! Finance titled “This Company Will Only Accept ‘Twitter Resumes’ For a Six Figure Job.” Enterasys, a wireless network provider, recently decided to consider candidates for a high level social media position solely on the basis of their twitter accounts. No resumes were collected.

Is the paper resume dead? Vala Ashfar, chief marketing office of Enterasys argues that paper resumes are long gone and that companies identify candidates by their online presence more than by their paper resume. While this may be true in the social media marketing world, it is only partially true among companies nationwide.

How to Prepare Your Resume for an Interview

The big day has arrived. You have been contacted for an interview. If you applied online and spoke with a recruiter for a short while, your next steps can greatly affect the outcome of your interview. Your resume is one of the key factors of your interview. The recruiter and hiring manager must have liked what they saw on paper and that’s why they contacted you. The next step is to show how you represent that resume — how you make that resume great.