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Biggest Resume Mistakes

Employers spend only about 6 seconds reading a resume. During those 6 seconds, it’s up to you to show them that you are dedicated to finding the right job at their company. A fantastic resume is your ticket to an interview. Avoid these common resume mistakes and you’ll be on your way to the job you’ve always wanted.

Misspelling. Read your resume many times, checking for spelling and grammatical errors. It’s a good idea to ask at least two people to read your resume over, as you will sometimes miss something if you read your resume too many times. A resume with misspellings seems sloppy and rushed. It reflects badly upon you and gives the employer little reason to trust you with difficult tasks.


Free Resume Templates Download

OK, so in this post, I’ll just upload a set of 10 resume templates that I think will do pretty well for getting you accepted for a job.

Your free resume templates download here (right click and then ‘save as’).

Just a few pointers with the templates:

You don’t have to make it exactly the same as what I’ve given you. It’s always good to make it a little unique, according to your own style.