Modern Resume Secrets

In the modern world that we live in, many people don’t have the time to do certain things. This could be spending time with their families, spending time doing the things that they love and in our situation, spending time reading the damn resume! Job recruiters, for better or worse, spend only 10 to 30 seconds skimming through a resume to see if you fit into their criteria. Unfortunately, if you don’t grab their attention from the get go, then chances are you will lose that golden opportunity forever.

But learning from how other successful job applicants has taught me that the main secret about resume writing is relevance. You must first suit your skills, experience and education to the job that you’re applying to, otherwise you really will have no chance of getting that job. And would you really want to work and learn at the same time? It’s like doing 2 jobs at once, being a full-time employee and a full-time student – it’s just not possible.

The critical point to getting the job recruiter or employer to read your resume is getting into their heads and appealing to their desires. One of the best ways to do this is to use the job description language and incorporate that into your resume. If something is written in the same language as your own, wouldn’t you want to read it? Also, if you combine other information that is found on the employer’s business or website, like slogans, news articles, press releases etc., then this will really boost your chance of having your resume properly read by the job recruiter.modern resume secrets

It’s not just writing in the same style or language as the employer, but formatting your resume is also a pretty useful idea. You should aim to break up your resume into short paragraphs, preferably 1 sentence paragraphs. If you’re using a chronological resume, then you’re probably doing this already. It’s those using a functional or combination resume who need to keep things short and sweet. Using bullet points, numbers or dashes also help to list your finest achievements and allow plenty of white space between each point or section.

Surprisingly, the best font type to use is NOT Times New Roman, as testing has shown that it is very ineffective in the online world. Try font styles like Arial and Verdana and font size of 10-12 to get optimum resume formatting.

And of course, ever since writing was invented, it should always be black text on white paper (unless you’re getting a job in the creative field, like graphic design). It’s just simpler to read and doesn’t tax the printer too much, just in case the recruiter would like to print a copy of your resume.

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