Example Of A Cover Letter For A Resume – No Experience

It’s all well and good to know what you have to put into a cover letter, but could you really do it? I always believe that it is easy to learn by example, in other words, by someone showing you step by step on how to do something and explaining each step. Because by doing this, you could learn how to do anything, no matter how difficult the task is. So, are you ready for an example of a cover letter for a resume? Here’s the first cover letter:

example of a cover letter for a resume with no experience

Now, I’m going to assume that you have no working experience at all. In the next post, I’ll go over what a cover letter should look like with experience. So, from looking at the cover letter, what do you see?

What I see is a 1 page cover letter, with the correct formatting – your contact details in the top, the employer’s details on the left, the date of submission on the right and a professional start to end. Mr Richards starts off the cover letter with the job he is applying for and where he saw or heard of the job ad.

Even though Matthew  has had no work experience, he is clearly trying to relate his skills and knowledge that he has learnt throughout his life and incorporating it into the ‘skills showcase’ part of the cover letter. Matthew also adds in ‘administrative skills’ to show to the potential employer that he does  have some kind of work-related knowledge, because after all, Mr Richards is trying to get a job and not just showing off how much he knows about flea shampoo!

he then continues to showcase your related skills and experience that would be required of an administrative assistant for Paws Unlimited. While what he writes is quite good, it is even better to be more specific about your skills. This is seen in his last point when he says that he was able to ‘confidently book flights and accommodation …. after only 5 minutes’ instruction’. These fine points can impress the potential employer as they are used to seeing very generic descriptions and can make you a stand out against the other candidates.

Another point to see is that he massages the ego of the potential employer by saying that not only does he knows the company’s business very well, but that he endorses and promotes it as well. This can put in a more favorable stance, should you ever meet the employer or hiring manager face to face, and make it more comfortable during the interview process.

Finally, the closing sentence of the cover letter is also something to note. It finishes the cover letter, whilst encouraging the reader to invite Matthew back for an interview. This doesn’t guarantee that he will get the job, but at least, puts Matthew’s submission into consideration rather than into the scrap heap.

(Image source – http://www.youthcentral.vic.gov.au)

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